Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

Stylish, durable and economical, the special quality of heat provided by a woodburner can make for the purest sauna enjoyment!

The special aroma in wood-heated saunas makes for especially pleasant bathing, and it's the purist's way to sauna - however please note that wood-burning stoves are not well suited to small saunas, commercial saunas, or saunas installed within the home.

They are best enjoyed in outdoor (garden) saunas of fairly generous proportions, ideally with masonry walls and floor in the stove area.

For installations into an all-wooden cabin, the 'Heat Shielding Kit' and 'Insulated Chimney' are usually necessary to prevent fire risk - see full details in the relevant sections below.

Here at SaunaShop, Woodburning Stoves, Heat Shields, and Insulated Chimneys are all normally available from stock - unique in the UK!

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