Sauna Construction & DIY

Build your own Sauna - to your own preferred size and shape
Everything you'll need - all the correct timbers, fittings, lighting etc equipment - is here for a successful project, first time!


ESSENTIAL INFORMATIONStart here for some free ESSENTIAL INFORMATION on building your own Sauna! Get it right first time and avoid the expensive pitfalls... For your...

"Build-in" & DIY Sauna Packages

Here we can help you to custom-build your Sauna into a specific space Please try it! Simply enter the Width and Depth of the space in which...

Sauna Design Information & Advice

Sauna Design Information & AdviceDownload our free Build-In & DIY Guide complete with illustrations, hints and tips from our 25 years plus of experience - or ask about our Sauna...

Sauna Timbers, Parts & Fittings

Sauna Timbers, Parts & FittingsEverything needed to build a really good Sauna - first time! Panelling, Aspen for the Benches etc, Vents, Vapour Barrier, the lot!

Sauna Doors & Windows

Sauna Doors & WindowsThe UK's best selection of tinted all-glass Sauna Doors, wooden Sauna Doors. Available from SaunaShop's huge stocks.

Sauna Lighting

Sauna LightingSauna Lights of all types, Tinted Rough-Service Bulbs, High-Temp Wiring, Spare Parts - all here and available from stock! For all other Sauna...

Sauna Cables & Wiring

Sauna Cables & WiringSpecial High-Temp Flexible Cables for Sauna Lighting, Sauna Stoves and Control Panels, all correctly EC/UK specified for Sauna use

See How It's Done!

See How It's Done!See exactly how it's done - in this superb example of a DIY/Build-in sauna project by one of our London-based customers, who welcomes you to...

Steam Room Equipment & Doors

Steam Room Equipment & DoorsSteam Generators, Steam Room Doors, Steam Room Lighting, Vents, etc etc ... all available at SaunaShop's unbeatable prices! For...