Frequently Asked Questions

Here are many of the more Frequently Asked Questions - with their answers. You may find the answer to many of your questions in our 'Build In Guide' at item 18 below.

1. What is the correct Stove size (kW)?

Stove size in kilowatts (kW) is directly related to the Sauna-room's volume - assuming it has been correctly built and insulated.

To determine 'volume', measure the width, depth and height of sauna room.
e.g. A sauna of 2.2m wide x 1.75m deep x 2.1m high = just over 8 cu.m.

For Saunas up to about 10 cubic metres the general rule is appx 1kW per cu.m.
(Add appx 1.2 cu.m for each all-glass door, or any large window)

In our 8 cu.m example, an 8.0kW Vega stove is recommended for saunas from 7 to 13 cu.m - thus 8.0kW an excellent choice. However a 6.0kW stove (5 to 9 cu.m) would be working close to the top end of its capacity; thus it is not the best option.

Note that Stoves over 8kW usually require a 3-phase electrical supply.
Click here for our full range of Electric Stoves

2. What electrical supply is needed for the sauna stove?

See the individual Stove details - A dedicated supply is essential, much the same as for a cooker or an electric shower.

To calculate Amps:
Divide Watts (e.g. 6000 for 6kw stove) by Volts (usually 230)
Thus Amps for 6kW Stove = appx 26
Click here for more information on individual Stoves

We state that it is ESSENTIAL that you use the services of a properly qualified electrician, meeting all the new Government Regulations including 'Part P' - your electrician will know what this means. Failure to do so is............

1 - A potentially lethal practice.
2 - A potential invalidation of your buildings insurance.
3 - A definate invalidation of the warranty for Sauna Stove and/or Control Panels.

Refer to your electrician for all electrical supply/wiring/fusing advice; the electrical regulations don't allow us to give any such advice over the phone.

This link may be helpful:
(Note some freephone numbers for electrical bodies have changed - NAPIT is now 0345 543 0330 )

3. Is there a floor provided?

Indoor Saunas come ready to mount onto your own floor finish. Any easily cleaned and water-resistant surface is fine; e.g. a 'kitchen type' vinyl is good.

4. What brand are our Sauna Stoves?

Our stoves are manufactured by Harvia & Sawo. Based in Finland and have many years of history with Sauna. We do not supply any 'Chinese' products.

5. How long will my Sauna last?

Given good care, a domestic Sauna will last a very long time! In 25 years, we have yet to replace a domestic sauna because it was worn out.

6. How much time should I allow to properly enjoy a sauna?

Plenty! As long as you want. Sauna pleasure has no regimented time. Relax - unwind - enjoy. Be at peace.
If we have to put a time to it - allow up to two hours. If you're in a hurry, why not wait until you aren't?

7. How long will the sauna take to reach the correct temperature?

Always allow an hour - All our Stoves are fitted with a 'time delay start' function, making pre-heating so easy.

8. What is the correct bathing temperature?

Just as you like it! If we have to give numbers - from 60 to 90 deg C covers most bather's tastes.
Our Stoves have thermostats that will allow 40 to 100 deg C to be set, and maintained. Enjoy!

9. What does it cost to run a sauna in my home?

Far less than most people imagine!
Nowadays tariffs and rates do vary, so its worth checking with your provider.
Remember that expelled heat from the Indoor Sauna will only top-up existing heating within the home, so remember to adjust your heating controls to save money !
It's true - a really good long sauna session for four people costs less than one half-pint of beer (and four straws...) at your local pub!

10. Does the sauna require floor drainage?

No, not at home, though 'nice to have' if starting a new build, or an extension?
It is a good idea in commercial service, where cleaning requirements are higher.

11. Is any ventilation required?

In short - yes, it is.
Natural air flow through the sauna room is required. Please see our 'building in a Sauna' guide (see question 18 below)
.(click here for an example of our outlet vent)

12. Elements - Tips for a long and useful life.

Installation: Please utilise a qualified electrician.

When your elements are replaced, please ensure that when the rocks are
re-introduced into the stove, that they are a gentle fit, don't force any in !!!!.
Elements are very tough when cold, but become soft when hot.
Fit larger ones first , then top off with smaller. The large ones help to give bigger air gaps for good air flow.
Smaller on top protects the elements and allows more surface area for water to steam on contact.

Usage : Water. - Make sure the water ladled onto the rocks is pure. Do not use spa water, swimming pool water or hot-tub water.
Ladle water on the rocks. Do not use any other method.
A ladle will provide just the right amount of water to be easily atomised on the rocks.
Larger single deliveries of water can also have a "shock" effect to the elements of the stove.

Usage : Oil - Only use recommended Sauna Essence. Do not use Olbas, Karvol, Aromatherapy oils etc.
Contact of these types on a glowing element will "pop" the casing immediately and that element will be redundant.

We hope these guidelines help you enjoy your Sauna for longer !

13. Do I have to paint my sauna, or otherwise treat the wooden surfaces?

Inside the sauna - most definitely not - do not use paint!
The internal wooden surfaces can be treated with Paraffin Oil to help reduce the amount of moisture and dirt that is absorbed by the wood.(click here for full information on Paraffin Oil)

On the exterior (of indoor saunas) - as you please - it doesn't actually need any treatment, but you can varnish, oil, even paint.
Outdoor Saunas must, of course, have their exteriors treated with preservative.

14. How quickly can I have my sauna delivered?

Very quickly! We can usually despatch within 2 working days, and the sauna should be with you inside a week.
Non stock items should be with you in 10 to 14 days.

15. I need a 'special size' Sauna - can you help?

Yes - certainly!

'Build-In' and DIY Sauna construction techniques (click here) can allow almost any space to be utilised.

We offer a full service to those customers needing to 'Build-In' - starting with a wide range of DIY Packages (click here) through to a complete Design & Specification Service for those more 'involved'projects - (click here) for details.

All the specialist timbers, fittings and parts needed are in stock at SaunaShop; to browse this section of our website (click here)

For further information on this popular option where 'only the right size and shape will do' please e-mail or phone 01722 746050 to discuss your needs.

16. Can I have a Gas Sauna Stove?

For most applications, electric stoves are easiest to install with the lowest purchase price (especially at SaunaShop!), are virtually maintenance-free and are enjoyed with low running costs too. Click here to browse Electric Stoves

Larger Outdoor Saunas may use Woodburning Sauna Stoves - we stock this type along with the necessary Chimneys and Heat Shields. Again, the higher cost of purchase and installation needs to be taken in consideration.

Note sure which type would be best? Have a look at the Woodburning section of our website (click here) or call us for advice on 01722 746050

17. Do SaunaShop prices include V.A.T?

Yes, VAT is included in all SaunaShop prices

18. Guide to building in a Sauna

Please have a look at our 8 page guide to 'Building In A Sauna'. You will find the answer to many of your questions here.
Click here to view/print our 'Building In A Sauna' Guide