Gas-fired Sauna Stoves

Gas-fired Sauna Stoves

Gas-fired stoves are only made for the very largest of commercial saunas, where the high costs of installation and maintenance are justifiable.

As far as we know, there are no gas-fired saunas currently being used in Britain.
Update (Feb 08): We just made contact with one gas installation!
They are trying to repair or replace a gas-fired heater, and are rather surprised at the high cost of new equipment

For most applications, electric stoves are easiest to install with the lowest purchase price (especially at SaunaShop!), are virtually maintenance-free and are enjoyed with low running costs too - typical domestic and light commercial stoves use only 50-75 pence per hour in electricity.

Larger Outdoor Saunas are especially suited to use Woodburning Sauna Stoves - we stock this type along with the necessary Chimneys and Heat Shields.

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