Heat Shield Kit for Woodburners

This assembly is designed to allow Wood Burning Sauna Stoves to be installed much closer to timber walls and floors etc, thus dramatically reducing the large Fire Safety Distances that are otherwise required.

Safety Note:
Without it, there could be a very high risk of fire!

The Heat Shield Kit is available as 3 Sides (only) to protect wooden walls.

If there is a wooden floor under the stove, the optional 'Bed' must also be fitted, as shown at right; this has four height-adjustable feet to cater for uneven floors.

If the Ceiling and/or Roof of the Sauna are of wooden construction, an Insulated Chimney will also be required.

Insulated Chimneys are available in a selection of lengths - click HERE for full details

Prices (inc VAT):

Item NameCodePrice 
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Heat Shield Surround For M3 (3 Sides) SSWB-HS-M3 £209.00
Heat Shield Surround For Pro 20 (3 Sides) SSWB-HS-PRO20 £222.00
Heat Shield Bed For M3 & Pro 20 (For Wooden Floors) SSWB-BED £221.00


  • Reduces risk of fire. SAFETY FIRST !!!


  • Essential for safety when woodburners are to be installed close to timber walls, or onto timber floors

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