Delivery of your order is made at the lowest possible cost using a networked ‘Economy’ Road Freight Service operated by the UK’s top-flight carrier ‘Pallet - Track'.

This is a networked organisation comprising many companies working together; your own final delivery will be made by your local member company.

Full details of this excellent, low-cost service are below:

Final delivery to your address will be made by a local transport (road freight) company.
Any delivery time stated will be approximate, as your delivery will probably be one of many being made that day.

When you place your order, be sure to advise us of any special problems of access to your road/street for a large lorry. Note: Deliveries can only be made on smaller vehicles by special prior arrangement, which will usually involve an additional charge. See below.

Deliveries at the ‘economy’ rate are made on weekdays, and inside normal working hours. Please note that deliveries at weekends, outside normal hours, or to a fixed date or time, are not possible within the terms of the ‘economy’ service. See below.

Deliveries are made to the nearest point safely accessible by a large lorry. This is usually to the roadside outside your premises. The lorry driver’s discretion in this matter is final.

In the low-cost ‘economy’ service, the road freight company (and their lorry driver) are not contracted to carry your order onto, or into, your premises. Any help the lorry driver may give you is purely of the driver’s own personal goodwill, thus no reliance can be placed on having any manual assistance from the lorry driver with taking goods onto, or into, your premises.

Most Complete Saunas and Build-in Packages are sent as one large and heavy palletised load. At a domestic address, it is not usually possible for this unitised load to be lifted off the lorry in one piece, therefore it will normally be necessary to open up the package on the lorry, then take the separate parts of the delivery onto/into your premises ‘one by one’. (Of course to get them into your premises you will need to do this at some point, anyway!)
When available a vehicle with a tail lift will make your delivery.

As there are often many individual items, and some are quite bulky, it will usually be necessary to have at least two able-bodied people ready to take your order off the lorry and into your premises as soon as it arrives. Please be aware that the lorry will not usually be able to wait at your address for extra help to arrive, as the driver will probably have many other deliveries to make, and your delivery will usually be one of many on a tight schedule.

Please note that should there not be adequate personnel available to take the delivery in, or if for any other reason the delivery is not accepted by the consignee (yourself), resulting in the need for another attempt to deliver, an extra charge will be levied for the costs of re-delivery and any interim storages or transits. Thus, please let us know if you foresee any problem.

If you are unable to accept delivery by the usual low-cost ‘economy’ service as detailed above, it will be necessary to make other (special) arrangements for you.
Naturally, for these special services, additional costs will be involved.
Any new arrangement will be by quote, and we will hold your delivery pending your agreement on, and payment for, the new special arrangements.

Please note that special delivery arrangements cannot be made after your order has actually been despatched. They must be agreed at time of order.

If you wish to collect goods from our warehouse/s, please contact us to arrange this well in advance - without prior arrangement, collection may not be possible.

Please note that collections can only be made on normal working weekdays between 9am and 4pm

Your delivery must be checked on arrival and any damage, missing parcels etc must be detailed on the carrier’s delivery note BEFORE signature.

It is obviously very difficult for us to take up any claim with the carriers when goods have been signed for as "received in full and in good condition".

Fortunately, such claims are rare; we have very good carriers!

Any claims of this nature must be notified to ourselves as soon as possible, and always within seven days of receipt of goods.

Regretfully, claims after seven days cannot be accepted, so please ensure that all goods are carefully checked, promptly on receipt.

Thank you for SaunaShopping with us - enjoy your Sauna!