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Sauna Gift Ideas!

Sauna Gift Ideas!Santa and Sauna both come from Finland, with fun and practical gifts for the Sauna enthusiast... Browse our special selection - all are sure to...

Buckets & Ladles

Buckets & LadlesTraditionally styled Buckets & Ladles in Wood and Stainless Steel - in a range of sizes, and all from stock The UK's largest selection!


InstrumentsThermometers, Hygrometers, Sand-timers, Clocks - all are here in stock... "Everything for the Sauna enthusiast!"

More Accessories - and 'Treats'!

More Accessories - and 'Treats'!Lots of Gifts & Treats here! Lots more to enjoy in the Sauna. Sauna Gifts for every occasion!

Essences and Scents, etc

Essences and Scents, etcOur range of easy-to-enjoy fragrances - the selection includes some unusual and interesting options.

Body-care items for the Sauna

Body-care items for the SaunaThis is our selecteion for pleasure, fun and sheer indulgence - all in stock here ready for you to enjoy! Many are ideal as gifts...