Vapour Control Membrane & Joining Tape

Vapour resistant membrane, essential to control the tendency for condensation to form within the insulation, or on the wall behind it.

Omit it at your peril...

High-perfomance Aluminised Vapour Control Membrane from Finland, perfectly specified for Sauna applications

Specially imported from Finland - supplied in 30 sq.m roll, appx 1250mm wide.

A superior product with outstanding performance - it is a heat reflector in addition to a moisture barrier.

Joining Tape for Aluminised Vapour Control Membrane

Self-adhesive Joining Tape with the same properties as the Vapour Control Membrane itself, thus is the perfect way to join (or repair) the Sauna's vital Vapour Barrier.

Supplied in 50-metre rolls, 50mm wide.

Fitting tip: Shiny (aluminised) side facing into the Sauna

Prices (inc VAT):

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Aluminised Vapour Control Membrane 30 sq.m SS-ALU £35.00
Aluminised Joining Tape SS-TAPE £22.00


  • Genuine Finnish material
  • Supplied in 30 sq.m rolls
  • Essential for vapour protection and heat reflection.


  • Fit this behind the inner lining (all walls & ceiling) of every panel-type sauna

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