40 watt Pearl Bulbs for Sauna Lights

40 watt Pearl ES type bulbs for the sauna.

The Sauna really is a tough environment for light-bulbs, so they will not last as long as in cooler places; these special rough service bulbs offer the best possible life expectancy.

Will fit our Ceramic Light, Round Sauna Light, and many other types too!

SAFETY FIRST. please remember that lights, especially high level Sauna lights are in the hottest part of the Sauna , please ensure connecting cable is heat resistant. Our HTFL cable (see below) is Silicon cased to withstand up to 180 degrees celsius.

IMPORTANT NOTE.These are screw-in bulbs and not the bayonet type commonly used in the UK.
HANDY HINT: keep the lighting circuit "on" when fitting these bulbs , twist in with fingertips and when the light comes on , take your hand away. Forceful overtightening of screw-in bulbs exerts stress on the bulb glass to the metal collar, thus reducing its life.
Please ensure there is no air restriction around the Sauna lights too !

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Coloured Lamp (40W ES , Warmglow) 40WAES £2.65
Plain Lamp (40W ES , White) 4OWES £2.45


  • The tough type.
  • 40 watts - 230V - ideal for soft lighting


  • Any Sauna Light capable of accepting 40 watt 'ES' format bulbs with standard Edison Screw base.

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