Aspen for Sauna Benches , Backrests, Guards, Duckboards.

Sauna Grade Aspen for Benches, Backrests, Headrests, etc...

"The right timber for the job"!

Please Note: Each length is cut to approximately 5mm over the stated length to allow you to make the final cut ensuring a snug fit.

Profile is 90mm x 28mm various lengths - (scroll down)

Aspen is the perfect smooth cool timber to feel against bare skin... perfect to construct all the internal fittings, including benches, backrests, guard rails, etc; even the duckboards for the 'underfoot' areas are so much better in beautiful Aspen...

NEW - Thermo Treated Aspen in various lengths. See image opposite.

We are probably the UK's largest stockists of Sauna Grade Aspen, with stocks of anything up to 30,000 running metres, usually in a wide range of lengths...

This broad selection helps you, our customer (and the environment) by avoiding wastage of this very special timber!

All lengths are fully finished on all four sides and have all four corners 'pencil-rounded' to appx 5mm radius. Profile size (e.g. width & depth) 90mm x 28mm

Thus, allow one piece of Aspen per 100mm of bench-width (90mm + 10mm gap)

Ready to cut to length - and enjoy!

We'll be happy to help you with the selection of the correct lengths for your own Sauna project from our extensive stock.

See below for lengths currently available from stock; please note this selection can change almost daily as stocks come and go.

Price (inc VAT):

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THERMO (HEAT TREATED) ASPEN 28mm for Bench etc , per 2400mm length ASP28-2400-TH £20.61


  • Beautiful, specially selected Sauna Benching timber, all with 5mm radius rounded edges.
  • Nominal width is 90mm, normally used for bench slats with 10mm gap, thus 1 piece per 100mm of bench width - plus one at front to hide the framing
  • From sustainable European sources (we have real concerns about Abachi/Obeche from the African rain-forests...)


  • Blond knot-free Aspen is the perfect timber for Sauna Benches and other internal fitments!

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