Harvia Cilindro Stove & Stones for use with Remote Control

Harvia Cilindro electric heater’s massive sauna stone amount provides enjoyable sauna bath. You can choose from three different Cilindro heater models. The quality-price ratio of this floor mounted heater is excellent.

Cilindro has an apertured outer casing made of stainless steel . You can adjust the nature of the heat from soft to sharp by throwing water either to the side of the heater or straight on top of the stone pillar.

The Cilindro can be adapted with black-steel shields as follows
1 Shield - allows the unit to move closer to the Sauna wall.
2 Shields - allows the unit to move closer to the Sauna wall/benches or Corner wall
3 Shields - full enclosure. The correct set-up for embedding into a Sauna Bench.

The Cilindro models PC70E, PC70HE, PC90E and PC90HE are controlled by a separate control unit (C150).

The E-model heater can be embedded into the lower bench with the help of an embedding flange (HPC1, HPC2 or HPC2L) made of stainless steel.

- with genuine Finnish sauna stones. 80kg for BIC, 100 kg for R/C
- wall-mounting bracket and screws all included
- full Installation Manual
- full Operating Instructions
- factory sealed into airtight bag (with desiccant)
- then further packed in strong transit carton to ensure perfect condition on arrival.

- 7.0kW for Saunas from 6 to 10 Cubic metres capacity
- 9.0kW for Saunas from 8 to 14 Cubic metres capacity
- 11.0kW for Saunas from 9 to 18 Cubic metres capacity

Can be connected to either 220/240v (UK Household) single-phase supply (Amps: Appx 26) or 380/415v (Commercial) 3-phase supply.
9.0kw & 11.0kw
3 - phase supply only.
Please utilise a qualified electrician for installation - your safety is paramount.
It is essential that your electrician, meets all the new Government Regulations including 'Part P' - your electrician will know what this means.

Refer to your electrician for all electrical supply/wiring/fusing advice; the electrical regulations don't allow us to give any such advice over the phone.

Dimensions 7.0kw & 9kw : Width 320mm, Depth 320mm, Height 930mm
Dimensions 11.0kw : Width 365mm, Depth 365mm, Height 1070mm
100mm Min Clearance from adjacent wall(s) Sauna Room Height - 1900mm
Refer to PDF for full details.

Correct high-temperature Connecting Cable is our 'HTF3'
(Click HERE for full details of HTF3)

Replacement Elements 7.0kw are 'SS-EH2260-FI' ( 3 elements in total )
(Click HERE for full details of SS-EH2260-FI)

Replacement Elements 9.0kw are 'SS-EH3000-FI' ( 3 elements in total )
(Click HERE for full details of SS-EH3000-FI)

Replacement Elements 11.0kw are 'SS-EH3600-FI' ( 3 elements in total )
(Click HERE for full details of 'SS-EH3600-FI')


Prices (inc VAT):

Item NameCodePrice 
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Harvia Cilindro 7kw Control Panel Needed SSOS-CIRC70 £427.00
Harvia Cilindro 9kw Control Panel Needed SSOS-CIRC90 £449.00
Harvia Cilindro 11kw. Control Panel Needed SSOS-CIRC11 £707.00
Cilindro Black Steel Shields SSOS-PP-BS £147.46


  • Supplied complete with Stones

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