Control Panels (required for 'remote' type stoves)

Essential for all 'remote' type Stoves, which must always be properly controlled via an appropriate Control Panel such as these

The Control Panel is fitted outside the hot room, and is connected to a Sensor Unit inside (usually high on the wall above the stove).

Sauna stoves intended for 'remote' control have no on-board controls.

In Domestic service, the Remote Control configuration offers the convenience of eye-level control from outside the hot room with sophistiaced additional functions, thus this form of control is much superior to that offerd by the 'Built-in-Control' types.

In Commercial service, 'Remote' Control is essential!
The Control Panel should be fitted in a secure location where it is inaccesible to bathers (customers), in order to prevent unauthorised tampering with the management's settings, e.g. for temperature and time.

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(Note: Stoves with 'Built-In' controls do not require a Control Panel)

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