We can supply elements for a large range of Sauna Stoves, for all our stocked stoves, plus a limited number for other brands. Every type is photo identifed to make ordering easy and sure at any time

To help you quickly identify the correct element

- First, and fastest: Enter the Stove Model or Type number (from the Maker's Plate on the stove) into the 'Search' box above - it will usually take you directly to the correct element - or elements - note some models use two different types of element in the same stove.


- There are at least THREE PAGES of different elements 'below'... please be sure to check through them all before calling for assistance
- The 'shape' is usually the quickest guide, though beware - there are many elements that are similar in shape, but fit different stoves!
- Elements are arranged in order of increasing element wattage, however note that the larger high-kW stoves usually have a number of low-kW elements
- In the pictures, the red background 'grid' is graduated in millimetres - to help checking physical dimensions against the item to be replaced (click the picture to enlarge it)
- Click on the little picture for FULL DETAILS, larger pictures, and to order
- In FULL DETAILS the more popular stove types that each element fits are listed
- Elements can be ordered on-line 24hrs/day; click the 'Add to Basket' button that appers after the tumbnail picture below has been clicked.

- If you can't see the element you need - please call 01722 746050 or send us fullest possible information via the 'Contact Us ' page. Please be sure to mention the brand and include all the information from the Maker's Plate - it will be difficult for us to help you without it.

Need Help?
We'll be happy to help you with selecting the correct element - please call during normal office hours - and please note that we WILL need ALL the information from the maker's plate on the sauna stove...

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Elements page: 1 2 3 4 - Next »