The Maker's Plate shows the vital information to identify your stove, etc

There are many different brands of Sauna equipment, and each brand's manufacturer has produced many different models. Each model often has several different power (kW) rating options, too - not to mention different colour schemes!
This means there are now thousands of different spare parts!

To get the right part, it is vital to know exactly which piece of equipment it is for - i.e. the correct Brand, Model, and Power Rating.

The 'Maker’s Plate' identifies your stove (or other equipment) precisely, allowing us to get the right part first time.

(Without the information from the Maker's Plate , it may be very difficult for us to help you)

The pictures at right show several examples of Maker's Plates, with the important details highlighted - every Sauna Stove has a plate similar to these.

Click the images opposite to enlarge them, you will see the details that we will be vital when you ask us to help you with spares, service or technical advice.


Email this information and the nature of your enquiry via the 'Contact Us' page

Alternatively, call on 01722 746050 during office hours, we will be happy to help.