Terminal 'K' on BIC Stoves?

Many Sawo Sauna Stoves and Controllers have a terminal marked 'K'

Its function is to send a 'signal' current (mains output) to another device with a large electrical demand, such as electric house heating systems, which are common in Scandinavia.

If the combined loading of the central heating and the Sauna is too great for the incoming supply (as is often the case) some form of automatic 'interlock' is required to perevent blowing the main fuse. The signal current from terminal 'K' can be used to 'tell' the central heating to shut off while the Sauna is being enjoyed.

In the UK it's very rarely needed, thus terminal 'K' is normally left empty.

Note: If a live input connection is made to 'K' - the stove will not operate correctly!

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