Steam Generators & Controls (Harvia HGX 2.2 to 15.0kW)

Harvia's 'HGX' Domestic & Light Commercial Steam Generator range contains models from 2.2, to 15.0 kW.

All our units come complete with the AUTODRAIN unit - all inclusive.

2.2 to 5.7 models are designed for single-phase (220-240V) household-type power supply;
they are also configured for three-phase (380-415v) supply.

9.0 to 15.0 kw models are configured for three-phase supply only.

The 'HGX' is a compact, yet efficient steam generator for private and spa use. The main design principles have been reliability, trouble free operation and a relaxing steam room experience.

Because of its compact design the 'HGX' is easy to install into a limited space.

Operated by a stylish touch-screen control panel which is easy to use.
Cable length from generator to panel is 1.5meter.

Full Installation and Operation Instructions - on application .

All that is needed to complete the installation is ordinary copper pipe, ordinary hot-water pipe-lagging, and ordinary electrical wiring. (All electrics should, of course, be fitted by a properly qualified professional Electrician, Pipework by a Certified Plumber)

We very strongly recommend that you use the services of a properly qualified electrician, meeting all the new Government Regulations including 'Part P' - your electrician will know what this means.

Note: In hard-water areas, performance will be maximised - and maintenance minimised - by feeding the Steam Generator via a Water Softener

Refer to your electrician for all electrical supply/wiring/fusing advice; the electrical regulations don't allow us to give any such advice over the phone.


For warm construction (insulated walls)

2.2kW for steamrooms from 2 to 4 cubic metres
4.5kW for steamrooms from 2 to 6 cubic metres
5.7kW for steamrooms from 3 to 8 cubic metres
9.0kW for steamrooms from 7 to 13 cubic metres
10.8kW for steamrooms from 11 to 16 cubic metres
15.0kW for steamrooms from 13 to 21 cubic metres

Note: For non insulated steamrooms (e.g those built of uninsulated masonry, concrete blocks, brick, stonework etc) the cubic metre calculation will need to be doubled.

It is usually best to select a unit that will be working 'easily' - as against one that will be working at or near the upper limit of its capacity range.

The integral 'Auto-Drain' unit will automatically drain the Steam Generator after it has cooled, then automatically re-fill it at the next activation - thus ensuring the freshest of water for each steam bath and minimising scale build-up. Simply link with 2 or 3 core 1.5mm cable.

For Technical, Installation and Operating Information:
Please call us or drop us an e-mail.

For more heavily used commercial applications, and for any other information, please call 01722 746050 during normal office hours, or by email via the 'Contact Us' page

Prices (inc VAT):

Item NameCodePrice 
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Harvia HGX Steam Generator 2.2kw SSSTG-22 £1582.00
Harvia HGX Steam Generator 4.5kw SSSTG-45 £1696.00
Harvia HGX Steam Generator 5.7kw SSSTG-60 £1811.00
Harvia HGX Steam Generator 9.0kw 3 Phase Only SSSTG-90 £1930.00
Harvia HGX Steam Generator 10.8kw 3 Phase Only SSSTG-11 £1983.00
Harvia HGX Steam Generator 15.0kw 3 Phase Only SSSTG-15 £2148.00
Eucalyptus Steam Fragrance 5 Litre SSSTGE £54.69


  • Pack Includes.................
  • The Generator Itself
  • Autodrain
  • Steam Head
  • Sensor and Cable (4 meters)
  • Externally mounted Remote panel & Data Cable (1.5 Meters)

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