SSCP-3-WT Commercial Remote Control Panel with Weekly Timer (3PH) 3-17kW & (1PH) 3-8kW

SaunaShop's SSCP-3-WT, Remote control unit. 1 Phase 3-8kW or 3 Phase 3-17kW
Ideal for commercial use with a programmable weekly timer which enables the heater to come on or go off automatically at any giver time on any selected days of the week.

- Digital Display of Actual Sauna Temperature / Current Time Delay
- The safety and convenience of eye level operation outside the Sauna itself.
- Coloured LED Status Indicator Lights showing Mains Supply and Heating System status
- Automatic self-Diagnostic Testing of sensor circuits (every time the sauna is switched on) with specific display messages in the event of a fault being detected.
- Up to 20 preset times, (10 on / 10 off) can be programmed by the user.
-'Delayed Start' Time Remaining is displayed by 4-digit LED Display
- Automatic Switch-off after 6 hours (Sauna may be restarted at will)
(Automatic Switch-off may be changed to 12 or 18 hours by user, if needed. Factory setting is 6 Hours)
- Sauna Light Switch and Lighting Fuse - max 300W
- Overheat Cut-Out by in cabin sensor (supplied with cable)

'Remote' Control Panel SSCP-3-WT is connected to:
- The incoming Mains Supply (wiring to be specified and provided by your electrician)
- A small Sensor Unit mounted inside the Sauna - the sensor itself and the special cables (3m length) for connecting it are included with SSCP-3-WT (Extend sensor wires using HTFS )
- The Sauna Stove itself, using connecting cable HTF3 (1 PHASE 230V ONLY , 3-8kW range)
- The Sauna's internal light/s, using cable/s type HTFL
Lighting Circuit Capacity: 1 Amp (appx 230 Watts)
CE Approval: Control Panel is fully CE Approved

Connecting Cable to (for example) Sound M-E Stainless Stoves is 'HTF3' RANGE 3-8kW
(3-core flexible cable) - this is available from SaunaShop

For 3-PHASE, Wiring is Hard Wired in on site by Professional installer.

For Lighting use High Temperature Flexible Cable 'HTFL'
Click HERE for details of High Temperature Flexible Cables

Width (mm) 250
Height (mm) 223
Depth (mm) 70

Surface mount - DO NOT EMBED - allow air circulation having mounted the unit in a dry environment with temperatures no less than 0DegC and no more than 30DecC
Click the link below the pictures at right, this will deliver the full Installation Manual in .pdf format via 'Adobe Acrobat' (free download)

For further advice and information on selecting the correct Control Panel, Wiring, and Stove, please call us - please ask for 'Technical Advice' - we'll be happy to help!

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Commercial Remote Control Panel with weekly Timer 3-17kw SSCP-3-WT £831.00


  • Domestic: High specification Luxury Control Panel
  • Connectable to 230v Single-phase (UK Household type supply)
  • For stoves with no onboard controls. Range 3kW - 8kW.
  • Supplied with in-Cabin Sensor and appx 4 meters of connecting (sensor) cable
  • or
  • Commercial: High specification Luxury Control Panel
  • Connectable to 400v Three-phase (UK Commerical type supply)
  • For stoves with no onboard controls. Range 3kW - 17 kW.
  • Supplied with in-Cabin Sensor and appx 4 meters of connecting (sensor) cable

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