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For illustration only - please see text
For illustration only - please see text

Comparing prices with other brands? You'll enjoy SaunaShop's ranges - and prices!

We can usually help with Spare Parts for many other brands of Sauna equipment, such as Nordic, Helo, Tylo, Viking, Amber, Saunatec, Harvia, Norpe, and many others.

In many cases, the part will be identical to one of our own stock lines, so please carefully compare the details and pictures on the relevant 'Spare Parts' pages of this website.

Note that our Spare Parts - especially Sawo Stove spares and Elements - are usually very much more reasonably priced than many others... thus it can often be cheaper (and more effective!) to buy a complete new Sawo Stainless Steel Stove than replace a set of elements in other brands of Sauna Stoves.

Of course new Stoves come with warranties - and new Stones too!

For further help, please call on 01722 746050 - we are here and ready to help in all usual office hours.

N.B. - For all Spare Parts enquiries

We will ALWAYS need to know (at least) these details of the equipment concerned:

- Brand (and/or Manufacturer's name)

- Model Number or Type

- kW rating (of Stoves).

This information is usually to be found on the 'Maker's Plate' attached to every Stove and Control Panel, etc.

It's often tucked away in an inconspicuous location, e.g. at the bottom or on the side of stoves.

Note that manuals and handbooks etc are not always reliable sources of this vital information, as they often cover several similar models; the only totally reliable information source is the Maker's Plate - the one on the actual piece of equipment concerned.

Whenever possible, all the information from the Maker's plate should be written down and sent to us.

We look forward to helping you!

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