Infra-Red Spare Parts

Infra-Red Spare Parts

Infra-Red Spare Parts are available at SaunaShop (only) for Infra-Red Heat Cabins originally supplied by ourselves here at SaunaShop.

Other suppliers/models:

In recent months, a huge amount of Infra-Red products (mainly from China) have been 'dumped' into the UK marketplace by non-specialist suppliers - some of whom, it appears, may have little or no interest in the after-sales service they should be providing.

There are a great many different Infra-Red manufacturers in China, all using their own slightly different components (none of which are available here in Europe) unfortunately it is thus impractical for us to attempt to source or hold stocks of all the different types.

Therefore, in case of need for Infra-Red Spare Parts for cabins supplied by others, please contact the original supplier - we regret that (unusually!) we will be unable to help.

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