Outdoor Saunas

Traditional Sauna enthusiasts know all about the delights of outdoor sauna bathing - and at SaunaShop's prices, the pleasure is doubled!

It's an exhilarating, fun, experience; the true joy of Sauna, with the enjoyment of nature - so natural, so easy and such a pleasure!

In Scandinavia, it's a way of life... most families own an outdoor sauna, usually close by the sea or lakeshore. In summer it's their relaxation venue, for long, lazy evenings. In the depths of winter they bask in the sauna, soaking up its health-giving deep heat - before dashing out into the snow!
They call it 'snow-swimming' - and it is rather extreme...

You may prefer a shower, a dip in the pool - or just a bucket of water!

Outdoor Sauna - fun - and a very healthy way to enjoy Real Sauna...!