Infra-Red or Traditional Sauna?

Infra-Red Heat Cabins and Traditional (Finnish-style) Saunas are completely different experiences!

Many customers are confused by the differences between the two; here we hope to provide some useful pointers toward making the right choice.

In general, if seeking the enjoyment of Traditional Finnish Style Sauna, select that type, as an Infra-Red Heat cabin delivers a totally different type of experience, and is thus unlikely to please any devotee of Sauna.

If specifically seeking the benefits of Heat Therapy - especially alone - an Infra-Red Heat Cabin is probably the right choice - it will deliver Heat Therapy quickly, effectively and in a compact format.

Bathing Temperature:

(Note: This is very much a matter of personal preference!)

As a guide, Traditional Sauna is usually enjoyed at temperatures between 75 and 95 deg C, though most control systems will allow operation from appx 40 deg C to around 100.

Infra-Red is generally used at rather lower temperatures, typically in the region of 40-50 deg C.

Bathing Time:

(Again, this is very much a matter of personal preference!)

As a guide, Infra-Red Heat Treatments are generally of rather shorter duration than Sauna Bathing sessions; of course a leisurely, sociable Finnish Sauna session may last all evening!

There are several other factors worthy of consideration -

About Infra-Red:


Infra-Red Heat Cabins are best kept small and square or rectangular, as it is important that the body is equally irradiated by being held at approximately the same distance from each emitter.

Bathing Style:

Therefore, an upright sitting posture in the centre of the cabin produces the best results; be aware that lounging or reclining will tend to produce uneven heating and perhaps some discomfort if too close to an emitter.

Multiple bathers may tend to 'shade' one another from the radiance of one or more infra-red emitters; therefore Infra-Red Heat Cabins are probably best enjoyed by single bathers. For this reason it is rare to see a very spacious Infra-Red Cabin.


If time is very short, Infra-Red offers a faster heat-up time, typically less than half the time for Traditional Sauna; Infra-Red Heat Therapy can be started within a few minutes of switching on.


Using electricity at today's average price of appx 9 pence per kW/hr, running costs for a typical Infra-red Heat Cabin of appx 2.5kW may be as little as appx 22 pence per hour.

(However, Traditional Saunas with Stoves of 3 to 6kW run for only 27 to 54 pence per hour)

Traditional Sauna:

Traditional 'Finnish Style' Saunas can be as small as any Infra-Red Heat cabin, or as spacious as may be desired.

They can be run as hot or cool, dry or steamy - the whole range of options is open.

Bathing positions can also be equally varied, ranging from upright sitting (as in an Infra-Red Cabin) through 'lounging' and 'reclining' to a full-length stretch-out, usually with the additional option to bathe at different heights, or combinations of heights.

(The higher in the Sauna, the warmer it becomes; at floor level it's always quite cool)

For Commercial Applications:

Hotels, Leisure Clubs, Gyms, etc will usually be best served by Traditional Sauna, as this is the experience usually sought by the customers of such establishments.

Therapeutic Salons, Sports Injury Clinics, etc may find Infra-Red best; the quick heat-up time and compact dimensions of Infra-Red may be additional benefits.

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