Harvia Hidden Heater 6, 9 & 12kw R/C Stove and Stones

Hidden Heater

A heater hidden behind the benches

Please Note: 3 Phase Supply Only

The Harvia Hidden Heater is a practical heater requiring very little space.
It is mounted behind the benches and therefore does not take up space within the main sauna room.

Please see the safety distances required to the right of this page.

Made of high quality stainless steel this heater is ideal for heavy duty use.

The Hidden Heater requires a separate remote control panel. If required please click here to view the 'SSCP-3' remote control panel. (click here for full information on the SSCP-3)

Dimensions - Width 1175mm. Depth 290mm. Height 830mm.

Optional extras

Also available (and recomended). .

Water bowl with flexible hose - To feed water to the stones.
Wooden base for water bowl - to position the water bowl in a bench.
Safety Grill - To prevent objects falling onto the heater.

Connecting Cable

Replacement Elements

FOR 6.0kW Replacement Elements are 'SS-EH2000-HH' ( 3 in total )
(Click HERE for full details of SS-EH-2000-HH)

FOR 9.0kW Replacement Elements are 'SS-EH1500-HH' ( 6 in total )
(Click HERE for full details of SS-EH-1500-HH)

FOR 12.0kW Replacement Elements are 'SS-EH2000-HH' ( 6 in total )
(Click HERE for full details of SS-EH-2000-HH)

Price (inc VAT):

Item NameCodePrice 
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Harvia Hidden Heater & Stones 9kw SSHH-9 £1198.00


  • Supplied complete with Stones


  • Must be used with appropriate Control Panel (e.g. our SSCP-3)
  • Please utilise a qualified electrician for installation - your safety is paramount.
  • Note: 'Built-in Control' types are also available here

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