What Electrical Supply is required?

See the individual Stove page of our website for full details and a free download of the Installation Manual.

Usually, a 'dedicated' supply is used, much the same as for an electric shower or cooker.

To calculate Amps:
Divide Watts (e.g. 6000 for 6kw stove) by Volts (usually 230)
Thus Amps for 6kW Stove = appx 25

This little table covers domestic Sauna stoves:

2.3kw = 10 Amps (appx)
3.0kW = 13 Amps
3.6kW = 15 Amps
4.5kw = 19 Amps
6.0kW = 26 Amps
8.0kW = 35 Amps

Above 8.0 kW will usually require a Three-Phase (commercial-type) supply

We very strongly recommend that you use the services of a properly qualified electrician, meeting all the new Government Regulations including 'Part P' - your electrician will know what this means.

Refer to your electrician for all electrical supply/wiring/fusing advice; the electrical regulations don't allow us to give any such advice over the phone.

Our little download (see under the query sign) may be helpful -

If not sure - ask a professional electrician for advice.

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