Some Recent DIY & Build-In Sauna Projects

Here are a few examples of customer's 'Build-In' and DIY Sauna Projects. All have produced highly successful schemes - and very enjoyable Saunas!

All were built by their owners with the help of SaunaShop's FREE 'How-to-do-it' guide , and use timbers, parts, lighting and equipment from SaunaShop's wide ranges. Every one a total success - first time.

Let us help you, too, into Sauna Success!

Photo 1 (top right):
A 'cellar' type Sauna, with its ceiling following the original roof line; the stove is just out of sight below the lower left corner of the picture.
In this design, the 'lower bench' has become a broad platform filling the centre of the u-shaped upper benches - a very sociable design!

Note that an armrest has been provided at the end of the upper bench for comfort and safety

Photo 2: >
Looking into the Sauna from a hallway, the mix of colours is interesting

Photo 3: >

This was an old WW2 air-raid shelter, only used as a 'junk room'; clicking the picture will reveal the very fine Sauna that it became using SaunaShop's design, materials and equipment (click the picture to see the 'after' view)

Note: This customer's Sauna has now made world-wide fame by being chosen to appear as their example of 'The Modern Sauna' by internationally renowned Wikipedia 'The World's Free Encycolpedia'

- See:

Photo 4: >

Another 'Before & After' - in this case the previous use of the customer's "small room" is plain to see...

Clicking the picture will demonstrate how a Sauna can be fitted into even such a small space - and the obvious pleasure it provides!

Photo 5: >

Using spaces under roof-slopes is a challenge we're often given; this example shows how this particular project was tackled, and the customer's requirement for a 'corner door' also incorporated.

This Sauna was built by a professional carpenter, using SaunaShop's design, materials and equipment.

Photo 6: >

An unusual feature of this project allowed light from a 'velux - type' rooflight (some distance clear above the sauna ceiling) to shine in through a ceiling-mounted sauna-glass window; the effect is very pleasing, and avoids the rooflight being exposed to sauna temperatures.
Note also the angled panelling where the roofslope curtailed the height of the wall; and the use of sawn-down Aspen to create a 'half-width' bar in the backrest.

Below the photos - download our FREE 'How to do it' guide ........................................... ->

- It'll be a pleasure to help you with your own Sauna project!

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