Sauna not hot enough ?

Sauna not hot enough ?

There could be many reasons why your Sauna is not getting hot enough,
Let's go through these points.....

The Stove

1/ An element has failed.

2/ Thermostat has been turned down.

3/ The Rocks are placed stifling air flow (big rocks first, then top off with smaller)

4/ Stove is not getting any air from vent intake (normally low level by the stove itself
- this causes premature overheat and cut-off.

5/ Stoves timer / thermostat is faulty

6/ Connection of stove - has it been done to the manufacturers instructions.? Some stoves
use a live terminal to EACH element, A live feed to only one terminal will give a third of performance !
Also some stoves have a Signal circuit which is NOT used in the UK connecting to this could affect to performance of the stove.
Warranty - Has the Stove been installed to part "P" by a QUALIFIED Electrician ?

The Room.

1/ Room is bigger than the capacity of the stove - 1kW = 1m3 is the norm
So a 6kW stove in a room 2.5 wide by 2.0 deep by 2.1 high (almost 11m3 ) is underpowered.

2/ Leaks - especially at ceiling , remember hot air rises, so a ceiling breach will allow a lot of
hot air to go straight out.

3/ Insulation - is the Sauna properly insulated ? Especially at the hottest part - the ceiling.

4/ Air flow - is there a small flow of air to assist in moving the air around as well as preventing
premature overheat and cut-out of the stove.

5/ Sauna Door - is it closed properly and is it sealed ? Especially at the top.

6/ New Build in Sauna ? Remember there's latent moisture in the wood and supports , so allow
the Sauna to be used a few times to fully dry out and you'll find it subsequently gets hotter
and gives you that pleasant "toasty" aroma.


Although not exhaustive, hopefully these points should assist in getting your room back up to Sauna temperature so can get back to enjoying your Sauna properly.

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