Authentic Finnish Sauna products - the real thing! High quality natural essences to invigorate and stimulate the senses... they are very popular
See individual scents listed below - the selection changes from time to time, so please bookmark this page and re-visit periodically to see "what's new!"
NOTE: To be diluted into the water-bucket - please don't put neat essences straight onto the stove or stones... Dilute to your preference, some like it strong, some like it light !
Essence bottles etc as delivered may vary slightly in appearance from those pictured here.

Now available in a 5 Litre size. A substantial cost saving compared to the 500ml size.

Scent details....................
"Turkish" is as in Turkish Delight - A subtle Rosewater aroma over Eucalyptus.
"Birch", "Spruce" and "Pine" as in the tree leaves and needles - The fresh smell of nature.
"Eucalyptus" Fresh and Invigorating.
"Eucamenthol" This is wonderful for opening up the airwaves.
"Honey" Sweet and comforting.
"Tar" A heady , blissful tree-tar aroma - one for the true enthusiast !

Here's our current selection - enjoy!

These essences are designed for Sauna use. Please do not be tempted to use Oils such as
Aromatherapy or Room Essence Oils on Sauna, as it is a dangerous practice and damaging to
the elements on an electric stove.
Droplets of Oil, be it the above, or types such as Olbas and Karvol, touching the surface of a glowing electric element, is likely to render it useless.

Be safe - use the proper essences as detailed here.

Prices (inc VAT):

Item NameCodePrice 
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Sauna Essence - Peppermint 500ml 80439 £7.10
Sauna Essence - Koivu (Birch) 500ml 80440 £7.10
Sauna Essence - (Eucalyptus) 500ml 80441 £7.10
Sauna Essence - Maanty (Pine) 500ml 80442 £7.10
Sauna Essence - Hunaja (Honey) 500ml 80443 £7.10
Sauna Essence - (Euca-Menthol) 500ml 80444 £7.10
Sauna Essence - Terva (Tar) 500ml 80445 £7.10
Sauna Essence - Kuusi (Spruce) 500ml 80446 £7.10
Sauna Essence - EUCA/ROSE (Turkish) 500ml 80447 £7.10
Sauna Essence - Spruce - 5 Litre 80446-5LTR £38.00


  • A range of quality essences to add extra pleasure to the Sauna
  • See individual items for full details


  • Enjoy these fine quality essences in any home Sauna!

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