Harvia Legend

Harvia Legend – The mighty original. (11kw & 16.5kw)

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3 Phase 400v Supply Only

Harvia Legend gives you the ultimate sauna experience. This large heater takes you back to the origins – it entails the essence of the sauna. The patinated steel frame has a large amount of stones inside and as they heat up, even a larger sauna gets a magnificent sauna bath. Due to the open structure of the stone space, you can throw water on the entire outer surface of the heater. The heat charged in the large number of stones allows you to throw more water even at a lower temperature – you’ll get a delightfully moist bathing experience.

Due to the circular form, the Harvia Legend heater can be installed to the middle of the sauna or embedded to the benches. The heater is operated through a separate control unit.

These stoves require a separate remote control panel. If required please click here to view the 'SSCP-3' remote control panel. (click here for full information on the SSCP-3)


11.0kW for Saunas from 9 to 20 cu.m.

16.5kW for Saunas from 16 to 35 cu.m.

These Stoves are all supplied with Sauna Stones - (11kw 120kgs) (16.5kw 220kg)

Note that it is usually best to select a stove that is working 'easily' - i.e. in the lower half of its capacity range.

11.0kw - Diameter 530mm - Height 740mm - Weight 30kg (without stones)
16.5kw - Diameter 600mm - Height 830mm - Weight 33kg (without stones)

Replacement elements

For 11.0kw Elements are - 'SS-EH2150-CL' (x 3) & 'SS-EH1500-LE-SE-CL-EL' (x 3)
Click here for full details
(click here for full information on the 2150W element)
(click here for full information on the 1500W element)

For 16.5kw Elements are - 'SS-EH2500-LE-CL-EL' (x 3) & 'SS-EH3000-LE-CL-EL (x 3)
Click here for full details
(click here for full information on the 2500W element)
(click here for full information on the 3000W element)

Safety railing
- SASPO240 (PO165)
- SASPO241 (PO11)

Safety railing with LED lights
- SASPO240L (PO165)
- SASPO241L (PO11)

Prices (inc VAT):

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Harvia Legend 11kw SSOS-LE11 £766.00
Harvia Legend 16.5kw SSOS-LE16.5 £1046.00
Safety Rail for 11kw SSOS-LESR11 £295.00
Safety Rail for 16.5kw SSOS-LESR16.5 £315.00
Safety Rail for 11kw with LED Lights SSOS-LESRLED11 £375.00
Safety Rail for 16.5kw with LED Lights SSOS-LESRLED16.5 £395.00
Additional Fixing Kit. Needed when installing 1 safety ring split into 2 halfs. SSOS-LEFX £65.00

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