Fibre-Optic Sauna/Steam Lighting

Fibre-Optic lighting technology allows attractive, interesting, cool and inherently safe lighting solutions for Saunas and Steam-Rooms.

The 'projector' light source is mounted outside the Sauna or Steam Room (usually above it) and is fed by a standard 220-240v AC electrical lighting supply; the light is delivered through flexible 'fibre-optics' into the Sauna itself - through the ceiling, through the walls - or anywhere, even directly over the stove!

Super Safe!

Because there is no electric lighting in the Sauna, and the fibre-optic lighting points are completely cool, sauna lighting by fibre-optics is inherently safe, making it ideal in commercial applications.

Ideal for Steam-Rooms!

Fibre-optics completely avoid all the well-known (and tiresome...) problems so often encountered with low-voltage electric lighting in the hot and super-humid atmosphere of steam-rooms - thus it's ideal!

The huge variety of lighting effects that are possible with this technology can provide exciting and individual sauna lighting schemes, giving free rein to the designer's flair...

This neat low-cost package includes:

Installation instructions (multi-lingual including English!)

The Projector (the light source containing the Powerful LED) itself, complete including the power unit shown in our picture, ready-connected to its mains cable; Colour temp 3000K non-dimmable.

The Fibre-Optics , 16 in total (all 1.5mm diameter) in these lengths:
5 @ 1.5 metres
6 @ 2.0 metres
5 @ 2.5 metres
- all made up at one end into a ferrule that simply plugs into the Projector.

Projector Measures 150mm x 130mm x 80mm high

Notes: The projector needs a dry, ventilated location. Access to the projector (only) for maintenance (e.g. lamp renewals) should be considered. Fibre-optics should be led through gentle curves; tight bends and 'nips' should be avoided. The fibres are made of glass, so handle them with appropriate care during installation.

Please ensure the lengths mentioned above are long enough for your intended installation.

(The Installation Instructions can be downloaded via the link under the pictures - see at lower right of this page)

Each fibre-optic terminates in a brass ferrule which is easily fitted (from the back) into a hole drilled through the sauna ceiling - or wherever - to fit neat and flush with the surface.

The ferrules can easily be glued in place using silicone or epoxy glue, etc after adjusting to give exactly the desired lighting effect.

There is also a Lens cover to go over one of the ferrules if it is sited above the Sauna Stove itself.

(See the pictures at right)

A little bonus: Special high-temperature cable is not normally needed for Fibre-optic lighting!

More options!

Please enquire for further details of this (and other) exciting Sauna Lighting options using genuine Finnish Fibre-Optic Sauna Lighting technology!

Price (inc VAT):

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Fibre-Optics Lighting Set VP1-E161 £285.00


  • Attractive and adapatable Sauna Lighting
  • Allows 'effect' lighting, even above the Stove where electric lighting isn't allowed
  • Inherently safe - no electrics or added heat in the Sauna or Steamroom
  • In Steamrooms, free of problems with low-voltage electrics - e.g. corrosion
  • Maintenance free inside the Sauna or Steamroom
  • LED projector - Maintenance free. 150mm x 130mm x 80mm
  • NOTE : Older models (VP1 projector) will take capsule halogen,(see related products)
  • or MR16 GU5.3 12V 50W ( - available at any Supermarket , DIY store.)
  • - Call us if you need assistance , we're only too happy to help .
  • Enjoy!


  • All Saunas and Steam Rooms where there is access from behind the ceiling, etc. to install the fibres.
  • Retro-fit is often possible simply by drilling small holes
  • Set up details, power leads: 3 core cable from power source to projector - via user

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