Err 3 Message

If "Err3" or "Er3" is diplayed on the Control Panel Display, it can signify different 'fault' conditions depending upon the type (model) of Control Panel.


Failing proper access to the Operating Manual, this advice may be helpful:

Carefully determine which type (model) of Control Panel is being used - the 'type' or 'model' number is usually shown somewhere on the outer casing of the Panel itself.

For Finntronic EL-1 and EL-2, C80-1 and C150 types, it means 'the overheat sensor circuit has become discontinuous' (i.e. it is now open-circuit).

This is usually the result of the Over-Heat Protection Device in the Sensor Unit (this is above the Stove in the Sauna Cabin) operating when it has been exposed to dangerously high temperatures.
(This is done to reduce the risk of fire)

The reason for the overheat condition should be fully investigated, and steps taken to avoid it in the future

Very often it is the result of the sauna being left with the temperature control set at 'maximum' - perhaps with the (mistaken) hope of reducing heat-up time?

(Note that in any commercial service, Control Panels should only be accessible to management staff, and not accessible to bathers)

Or, perhaps, some unwise application of an inflammable liquid - e.g. 'Aromatherapy' oil or similar - being poured onto the stove? (A very dangerous practice...)

If the Panel type is EL-1, EL-2 or C150, the Overheat Cut Out (Thermal Fuse) will usually need to be replaced with a new part - click HERE to see details of this part (number 81872C, which may be purchased on-line. Please note that these parts are not covered by warranty.

C80-1 Control Panels use a re-settable Overheat Device is incorporated in the Sensor Unit, click HERE for how to locate the reset button. Thus for C80-1 installations, there is no replacement Thermal Fuse.

Saunatec / Helo / older Lagerholm Panels often use a similar 'reset button' accessed via a hole in the top pf the sensor unit casing - see the picture at right

For SAWO 'AS'-Type Control Panels, see Sawo-type Sensor Unit and Thermal Fuse

Note that there may be other reasons for the circuit becoming 'open' (e.g. wiring fault or other damage) or it may be that there is some fault within the Control Panel itself.

For Other types of Control Panel please refer to the Operating Manual for the Control Panel.

Be sure the cause of overheating has been identified before replacing a thermal fuse, and after replacing it carefully check for proper normal operation - including to chech carefully for normal temperature regulation.


If in doubt, please call for advice on 01722 746050 during normal office hours - ask for Technical Help.

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