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The wealth of highly detailed product information contained in this website means that 'old fashioned' printed-paper brochures are no longer necessary; what's more, the website content is maintained (on a daily basis) to be always completely up to date, something that is virtually impossible using printed paper...

The savings in cost (and to the environment) are passed on to our customers - another reason why SaunaShop's prices are so very good...

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Also, in-depth product detail and technical/installation information is downloadable as .pdf files from every appropriate product's 'full details' page; look for the 'download brochure/manual' link at the bottom of the various pictures - usually shown with the well-known 'Adobe Acrobat' .pdf logo - as seen at right.

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The Adobe Acrobat .pdf icon - used where downloads are available in this formatThe Adobe Acrobat .pdf icon - used where downloads are available in this format