Steam Generators & Controls (STP type 9.0kW)

Sawo's 'STP' Domestic & Light Commercial Steam Generator range contains models at 9.0 kW (From stock)

All models are designed for single-phase (220-240V) household-type power supply;
they are also configured for three-phase (380-415v) supply.

The STP steam generator is a very powerful and reliable steam unit.
The slender body is made of stainless steel sheet inside and outside
providing long lasting strength and durability.

Dimensions are on the PDF downloadable on this page (see right side underneath the pictures)
Note that the depth quoted is the overall maximum that includes the Autodrain fitted.

The stylish and versatile Control Panel is to be mounted outside the Steam Room, and is fully pre-wired to a pre-fitted plug - as is the steamroom temperature sensor, ensuring quick and easy installation.

Prices include:
- The Steam Generator itself, complete in its smart Stainless Steel casing, as shown at right

- The Control Panel (mounted outside the Steam Room) with RJ12 Cable - seen at right

- The SteamRoom Temperature Sensor and Cable

- The Steam Head (the outlet fitting to disperse the steam into the Steam Room) in heavy chromed brass, complete with integral 'essence cup'

- Full Installation and Operation Instructions - also downloadable from this page

All that is needed to complete the installation is ordinary copper pipe, ordinary hot-water pipe-lagging, and ordinary electrical wiring. (All electrics should, of course, be fitted by a properly qualified professional Electrician, Pipework by a Certified Plumber)

We very strongly recommend that you use the services of a properly qualified electrician, meeting all the new Government Regulations including 'Part P' - your electrician will know what this means.

Note: In hard-water areas, performance will be maximised - and maintenance minimised - by feeding the Steam Generator via a Water Softener

Refer to your electrician for all electrical supply/wiring/fusing advice; the electrical regulations don't allow us to give any such advice over the phone.


For warm construction (insulated walls)

9.0kW for steamrooms from 8 to 20 cubic metres

Note: For non insulated steamrooms (e.g those built of uninsulated masonry, concrete blocks, brick, stonework etc) the cubic metre calculation will need to be doubled.

It is usually best to select a unit that will be working 'easily' - as against one that will be working at or near the upper limit of its capacity range.

The integral 'Auto-Drain' unit will automatically drain the Steam Generator after it has cooled, then automatically re-fill it at the next activation - thus ensuring the freshest of water for each steambath and minimising scale build-up. The Auto-Drain unit (picture at right) is part of the STP Steam Generator range.

On Demand steam at a touch of a button from inside the room
See this optional extra:
(Click HERE for full details of The "on demand" button)

Note: In hard-water areas, performance will be maximised - and maintenance minimised - by feeding the Steam Generator via a Water Softener

For Technical, Installation and Operating Information:
Please download the Steam Generator Manual using the link below the pictures at right >

Please note that there is a connection to allow (Non-Dimmable) Lights to be powered and dimmed by the control panel. Overall light circuit must not exceed 100 Watts. Please do NOT use CFL or LED type lights. If these are being used, they MUST be on an independent switch

For more heavily used commercial applications, and for any other information, please call 01722 746050 during normal office hours, or by email via the 'Contact Us' page


  • Pack Includes.................
  • The Generator Itself
  • Autodrain
  • Steam Head
  • Sensor and Cable
  • Externally mounted Remote panel c/w RJ12 cable.


  • Replacement Elements
  • FOR STP60 Replacement Elements are 'STP HT2.0' ( 3 of 3 Total )
  • (Click HERE for full details of STP HT2.0)
  • -
  • FOR STP90 Replacement Elements are 'STP HT1.5' ( 6 of 6 Total )
  • (Click HERE for full details of STP HT1.5)

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