Birch Leaf Infusion

Birch-Essence 'super-tea-bags' made from genuine Finnish early summer Birch leaves!
Infuse them, just like making tea, in your Sauna Bucket to enjoy the wonderful heady aroma of Finnish Birch - to the Finns it's the very 'Essence of Summer'
Each pack contains four large birch bags , each bag can be used several times.

And summer is so enjoyable in the far North, with sunshine up to 24 hours a day...

The 'white nights' of Midsummer are an especially important time to the Finns, when the whole country stops work for a long weekend to celebrate and relax, usually with family and friends at the 'summer cottage' - usually by a lake, or the sea.

Sauna is an essential element of the Midsummer fun!

This modern product is actually derived from the age-old Finnish country custom of carefully drying fresh birch-leaf 'whisks' picked from nature in early summer, to be kept for enjoyment in the deep-frozen days of the northern winter... when Sauna is special.

In just the same time-honoured manner, in the early summer the new-growth Birch leaves are picked, naturally dried, then crumbled and slipped into these handy 'super tea-bags' to be conveniently ready for your own sauna-bathing pleasure.

Enjoy this unique Finnish product - we certainly do!

As for all the best "brews" add warm to hot water to your Sauna bucket to encourage the aromas of a Finnish Summer forest.

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  • Sauna the way the Finns love it!


  • Enjoy in any home sauna!
  • Soak the bag in the warm water intended for throwing onto the Sauna Rocks. Pour the infused water on the the rocks and enjoy the genuine aroma of birch in your Sauna !
  • Should the bag dry out , simply re-use for several times thereafter. Each pack has 4 large Birch bags.

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