2600 x 1200

This package contains all the specialist* timbers, parts and equipment to enable the construction of a Sauna of 2600 x 1200 x 2150 high with the door in the centre of the front wall. (Other configurations are also possible)

This design features a tinted glass door, an upper bench with a lower bench, backrest, duckboards and stove guardrail.

This is a popular layout offers comfortable and convivial sauna-bathing for up to 4 persons - depending, of course, on the size of the persons - and how chummy they are!

This package uses a Finnish 'Built-in Control' stove, ideal for domestic enjoyment.

For Commercial applications or other options, please call us for advice.

Note: Everything listed below is normally available from stock!

Note: Packed - this is a TRIPLE Length pallet plus 2.5meters

* We aim to supply all the specialist requirements to ensure first-time success!
Anything likely to be easily obtained locally (e.g. framing & battening timber) is not normally included.

This Package comprises the following (click item name for more information):

Item NameCodeQtyPrice
Products in: Sauna Lighting
Raita Wall/Corner Light 4114040 2 £79.51
Plain Lamp (40W ES , White) 4OWES 4 £1.95
Products in: Sauna Timbers, Parts & Fittings
Traditional Spruce Panelling for Saunas SNXSPRUCE 20 £32.95
Aspen 28mm for Bench etc , per 0700mm length ASP28-0700 5 £5.45
Aspen 28mm for Bench etc , per 1000mm length ASP28-1000 6 £7.79
Aspen 28mm for Bench etc , per 2000mm length ASP28-2000 15 £15.40
Aspen 28mm for Bench etc , per 2100mm length ASP28-2100 6 £16.36
Aspen 28mm for Bench etc , per 2600mm length ASP28-2600 3 £20.25
Aluminised Vapour Control Membrane 30 sq.m SS-ALU 1 £35.00
Aluminised Joining Tape SS-TAPE 1 £22.00
Insulation 8.6 sq.m packs 439999 3 £49.25
Panelling Nails (Half-Kilo Box) 81704-500 3 £7.95
Sliding Shutter Vent (Harvia Type) SS-SLI 1 £17.00
Sauna Vent Grille SS-GRI 2 £13.00
Products in: Classic Stainless Steel Stoves complete with Built-In Controls
Vega Top Class 6.0kW BiC Stove & Stones SSLB-60 1 £366.00
Products in: Sauna Doors & Windows
Glass Sauna Door (Standard) SNX-730 1 £269.50
Products in: Sauna Cables & Wiring
High Temp LIGHTING Cable - Silicone Cased - 3 x 1.5mm cores, per metre HTFL 8 £5.18
High Temp STOVE Cable - 3 x 6.0mm cores, per metre HTF3 3 £6.60
Products in: Buckets & Ladles
Wooden Sauna Bucket 4 Litre SS-BUCKP4 1 £28.00
Wooden Ladle SS-LADP 1 £16.00
Products in: Instruments
Combination Thermo/Hygrometer SS-THE/HYG 1 £45.00
Sandtimer SS-SAN 1 £17.00

Price (inc VAT):

Item NameCodePrice 
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2600 x 1200 DIYPK2600x1200 £2364.06

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